Gransfors Bruk Small Forest Axe


Gransfors Bruks is a small, traditional family run forge in Sweden that crafts everything by hand, one at a time. I first started using their axes over 25 years ago and one thing I’ve noticed is that they just keeping getting better known and more soght after year by year. If you’ve been on the fence about one of these, my advice is to pull the trigger and just get one. Each year, they are harder to find in stock and the prices keep going up.  If you want to own an immediate classic, I can’t recommend the Gransfors line of axes and hatchets enough- they truly are heirloom quality right out of the box.

The Gransfors Small Forest Axe is one of their most popular models. It’s also the most popular gransfers that we sell in our store. The Small forest Axe is a favorite with backpackers due to it’s being packable while still being big enough to get the job done. Sizewise, it fills a niche in between the wildlife hatchet and the Scandivnaian forest axe. The wildlife hatchet is more packable, but generally takes more effort to chop down the same tree. Likewise, the Scandinavian forest axe will do the job quicker than the Small Forest, but it’s heavier and a little more cumbersome to carry.

If your looking for the biggest axe you can comfortably carry in a small to medium size pack, the Small forest is a great choice and my personal favorite for that application. For it’s size you can really do a lot of work with it. It’s great for felling small trees and limbing while using a two hand hold, but can also be choked up on and used one handed for finer work like shaving kindling and other one-handed tasks.

Many axes are a compromise of some sort regarding size and ability to do work (hence why many users tend to own several models of the gransfers). If you had to chose just one and wanted it to be fairly light and portable, the Small forest model is really a top choice.

  • Item no: 420
  • Length with handle: 49 cm (19”)
  • Weight: 0,9 kg (2 lb)
  • Sheath in vegetable-tanned leather
  • 20 year warrantee
  • Solid hickory handle

ATTENTION! This is the most popular model of Gransfors Bruk. We DO keep a waiting list. So just put it in your cart and we’ll notify you as soon as we get the axe in stock. We DO let you know and check in with you that you still want the axe before we ship it out.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 19 x 2 x 5 in