Dutch Wool Blanket

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100% wool. Made in Holland.

These are genuine, 100% wool, Royal Dutch Marines blankets in brand new, recent production (dated 2007),unissued condition. Being a fan of comfort and spending so much time in cold environments, I’ve spanned several decades of my life seeking out the best wool blankets I could find. There is hardly a brand or maker out there that I haven’t tested (Pendleton, Woolwich, Hudson Bays, Swiss military, etc.) and I’m proud to say that these are my holy grail of wool blankets. They are large (98”x66”), heavy (6 pounds, 6 ounces), and very soft. They fit our queen size mattress with about 3” hanging off of each side. I’ve never seen a commercially made blanket of this size that comes anywhere near the level of quality and softness possessed by these Dutch blankets.  I bought these as part of a Dutch military contract overrun. For the past year I’ve apparently been the only US importer of these as all the other US sellers seemed to have permanently sold out of inventory. I have about 10 of these left and after that, their gone for good. My contact in Holland told me that no more of these are available. If you’ve been looking for the mother of all wool blankets, don’t delay- you will love these. They are great for outdoors applications as well as for using in the house – we use three of these in our bed, one to sleep on and two for covers- very luxurious feeling and keeps us warm when it’s sub-zero outside.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 14 x 9 in


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