Welcome to The Woodsman’s Shop

The woodmsman's SHopThe primary focus of The Woodsman’s Shop is to make available a core selection of quality items that are rarely seen in brick and mortar stores these days. As a result of my disappointment with so many retailers replacing traditional, high quality goods with barely functional imports, I decided to create my own ideal shop. The items I carry are a natural extension of that desire. Many of my products are suitable for preppers, shooters, hunters, fishermen, off-gridders, bushcrafters, woodworkers and collectors. The unifying theme that my merchandise shares is that the products must be useful and of the highest quality manufacture while still offering exceptional value.

Mission philosophy – To offer the highest quality, value priced items that focus on providing function and pride of ownership. Beautiful and artistic items are always appreciated but if form does not follow function then I do not wish to sell them at The Woodsman’s Shop.

Consultation – Stop in the shop for a chat. I’ll be glad to share with you what I know and if I don’t know the answer I will tell you as such. Whether you are an individual getting ready for a hike in the woods, a newly minted prepper, or a scout leader gearing up his troop, I’d be happy to help you with your equipment questions and purchases.

Layaway – I’m always happy to offer law-a-way. Layaway is not credit- it is a deposit. Just give me 10% of the price of the item you want in the store and I will hold it for you (for up to 90 days) until you can pay for the rest of it. I don’t charge interest or any hidden fees for this. You get to have the exact item you want held exclusively for you and then you pick it up when it’s payed for- that simple. If you can’t pay for it in full within 90 days or if you change your mind on the item then your 10% deposit simply becomes store credit. You have up until a year from your original date of making the 10% deposit to spend it at The Woodsman’s Shop. After one year if you haven’t spent it then your credit becomes forfeit.

Buy-Sell-Trade – I love to make deals. I Iove to barter. Show me what you’ve got of value and well make a deal. Gold, silver, jewelry, coins, collectibles, tools, antlers, scrap metals- tell me what you’re thinking – the worse thing that can happen is we won’t make a deal. Barter is not my primary business – it is just something I offer as well as enjoy doing.

Core brands – These brands represent the core of what I sell, there are several other knife brands I carry that I did not list here- below is the bulk of my stock. New makers emerge, old companies go broke and/or move production to China. At the present this is what I feel represents the best in useful and sensibly priced knives, axes and saws. This can always change. Many I’m sure might disagree with my choices- I am always open to learn from their experiences- there is a vast amount of knowledge of edged tools out there and with that I generally prefer to learn from the mistakes of others, saving my time and money in the process. That said, I’ve torture tested, armchair theorized, taken to the field and gone through a lot of knives over the years to come up with this present list. I am always open to special ordering what you would like, but these are what you will usually find comprising the bulk of my inventory.

Opinel EKA Condor Cold Steel Gränsfors Bruk
Mora Victorinox Tramontina Fallkniven Silky

Brands of knives we don’t carry – Most everything made in China- I won’t be too hard on China because I believe they have potential. I remember as a kid most of the stuff made in Japan was synonymous with total junk- now of course, their products are regarded as top notch. That said, most of the knives produced in China are total junk. The steels used are typically low carbon to ease their machinability and keep the cost down on the raw material. Heat treatments, if even applied, usually result in too soft a steel. Their blade geometries seem to be an after-thought while the fit and finish ranges from terrible to occasionally surprisingly good. Chinese knives as a whole are not meant to be used- they are only meant to be sold cheaply and sold often. the woodsmans shop
The sad situation is that so many of the great old American and German companies have either shut down entirely or moved production to China. The brand names might be unchanged with these transplanted companies, the designs might appear on the surface to be the same as they ever were, but the truth is they are not the same. The Chinese versions of the classic old knives are a thin facade of their former selves- under the veil of fondly recognizable designs we have come to know and trust merely lies Chinese silly-putty masquerading as steel.


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